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Hello and welcome to PECS PLACE!  My name is Forest Moriarty.  I created this game along with my friend Paul Profitt for all kids with Autism, but especially my two Autistic sons.  It is based on PECS…the Picture Exchange Communication System designed to help kids learn to communicate and speak. 

First and foremost PECS PLACE is a game, it is meant to be fun and rewarding, and yet at the same time… can be used by parents, habilitators, and therapists alike, to be another tool to help teach your child!

Having an account with PECS PLACE gives you access to this great game for kids… ability to download PECS Cards designed by our Artists, Community Forums and most importantly… A portion of all profits from this game will go to charities that help aid awareness and research for Autism.  So it is fun, educational, and helping the charities we all care about!

We need your help spreading the word about PECS PLACE!  If you refer anyone that creates an account… you will get a FREE MONTH!  All they have to do is put your account username, which is your email address, as the person that referred them when they sign up, and the free month is yours.  

So come on! Give us a try… you are going to love PECS PLACE!  Sign up today, and get started playing the game, posting in the forums, helping your child by supporting this project. 

I want to express to you my deepest appreciation for helping us with this endeavor, and thank you for listening about PECS PLACE.  Have a great day!


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