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MoPro Software was formed by Forest Moriarty and Paul Profitt. The company was started specifically to create games for children with Autism. The big motivating factor for both Forest and Paul is the fact that Forest has two boys with Autism, and there really isn’t a variety of things for them to do that can be both fun and beneficial. After spending a lot of time researching what was available as well as knowing what therapies had worked very well for the boys Forest and Paul set their eyes on creating PECSPLACE.  

MoPro Software will continue to create content and future versions of PECSPLACE and other therapeutic based games for children. Additional content is always being worked on to continue making PECSPLACE a fun and productive environment for everyone who comes and visits.  

MoPro Software will continue to produce quality educational, and therapy based games for as long as there are children who have a need for our games. MoPro Software will also create mainstream video games for Online play, PC’s, and Consol Game Systems. MoPro Software currently has multiple development teams working to research future game titles. One team is dedicated solely to creating and producing content for PECSPLACE as well as creating other games that will fulfill similar needs for other children.  

MoPro Software is dedicated and committed to helping as many people in as many ways as we possibly can. That is why we will donate a portion of the profits from PECSPLACE directly to Autism Charities. We know that with our game that many children will find fun and enjoyment, we also want to help raise awareness as well as fund research into Autism.  

We know that there are many worthy charities and causes in which we can donate. We are more than happy to find out about as many charities as possible and to learn about what they are helping to fund. If you have information about a charity in your area please email us.  

We will contact you to get detailed information about the charity and will be happy to post information on our site about it. We have a review process in place to go over all of the charities we have information on so that we can try and put the donations to the best use possible.  

We appreciate you helping us fund charitable work by continuing to subscribe to PECSPLACE.

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